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im new!

hey guys, i saw this community and thought it was PERFECT for me. im a christian and i love drama.
this is going to be a great place for me because i have had little luck with witnessing to my friends from drama, more like no luck-as in i havent tried. alot of the people in my class are very stong minded and once they have made up their mind, nothing can change it. i dont know what to say, or even how to start!
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I stumbled on your site I hope you don't mind. I too am an actor and a christian and it sucks sometimes because the acting community doesn't have a good image of Christianity. Don't fret, God is with you and I would like to encourage you to pray for those who don't know the Lord and for yourself so that God will prepare you and give you confidence for when you feel ready talking to people. That for sure is the first step.
I hope that helps.
thanks! i didnt know anyone actually used this community anymore. it seemed like it was vaccent when i left a post, its nice to know someone is there for me, thanks!