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I created this community with the hopes that it can be a place for Christian actors to share ideas, ask questions, and lift each other up in prayer. I hope y'all enjoy it!
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hi,im "nawrik" this is a cool community. i am an aspiring christian actress. id love to communicate on this site.
sounds cool. I'm in.
I'm a Christian singer/actor/director, etc. I hope to see this community grow!
This looks wicked! I am a Christian and an actress!
I'm a christian/gothic/actress. wow. okay i go to school with people that don't like acting, so the drama club consists of me, the teacher, and one other guy. how FUN. well, it is actually, because we are all gothic, including teacher lady. yea we just sit there and write plays, act out plays, eat, talk, do w/e. so..yea..bout it
Hey! I'm a Christian actress/dancer/singer/ and composure! To each his own right? lol.. Anywayz Hi
very cool.. i'm a Christian Drama kid, it's quite cool to find ya... i'll be reading! ..:*Jamie*:..
Check out United Christian Artists, a group started by a theatre student at FSU
I was wondering if I could join your community. I am on our church drama tema call AMP where we dance do human videos and are starting a drama.